Becton Dickinson and Company – BDX – SELL

Becton Dickinson and Company – BDX – SELL


BDX Ready For A Pull Back

Becton Dickinson has had a great run over the last 2 years and is still in a long term up trend. You maybe wondering why we are recommending to sell here. Well when you look at the chart we see some serious divergence across both the MACD and RSI, which would suggest a pullback is on the way.

If you're an aggressive trader you could take a short position here and look for the previous gap to be closed just below the $120 mark. If you already hold BDX, it would be wise to take some profits here and re-enter on the pullback.

Overall BDX is still in a long term up trend, however short term it looks set for a pullback.

Happy Trading

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